Forbidden Technique: Bootleg Coomassie Blue

Out of Coomassie Blue 2 Hours Before Lab Meeting? Probably Not. Coomassie blue, or SimplyBlue Safe Stain as we use in my lab, is a nonspecific protein dye used to allow visualization of SDS-PAGE bands. If you need some in a hurry there’s a quick and easy substitute that you probably have on hand: BradfordContinue reading “Forbidden Technique: Bootleg Coomassie Blue”

Homebrew T4 DNA Ligase

So You Wanna Make Ligase, eh? Few things bring the gentle molecular biologist to anger, but the experience of setting up your perfect ligation reaction only to find the DNA ligase tube as dry as the agarose gel that’s been on the bench for 3 weeks is one of them. You’ve put hours of workContinue reading “Homebrew T4 DNA Ligase”